The ReWatchable crew is back to discuss Agent Carter season 1, episode 7, “SNAFU.”

Superfans: Natalie, Maj, and Kristen
Newbies: Ariana
Fun Facts:
Maj is playing The Sims again because who can resist the fun of designing your own home? Kristen just got back from Washington D.C. for Apollycon and had a blast with all the book people. Ariana is officially a fan of the jumpsuit, especially sweatsuit ones from Target that are really comfortable. Natalie has a couple of fun pajama stories to share.
Agent Carter season 1, episode 7, “SNAFU”
-SNAFU has more meaning than you’d imagine. Natalie enlightens us to the WWII-esque meaning.
-The Russian Doctor guy (Ivchenko) wasn’t always all bad, as we see in the flashback, but he’s up to no good now on Agent Carter thanks to Leviathan.
-We pick up right where we left off with Peggy, as she is beginning to be interrogated by Jack (Chad Michael Murray), Sousa, and Dooley.
-Sousa is the most emotional about this, and therefore has the least effective technique.
-Dooley is trying the manipulation angle to get her to admit her actions in order to get the credit.
-Jack is probably the most effective, but since Peggy is smarter than all of them, she doesn’t let their tactics get her into trouble.
-Sousa is the most put out by Peggy’s betrayal, mostly because he’s so in love with her and he thinks she’s been shacking up with Howard Stark.
-Russian guy is playing nice, but hypnotizing Dooley slowly to get him to do his bidding.
-And then Jarvis busts into the scene.
-Rose is a secret badass who takes her charge as gatekeeper seriously… until Jarvis name drops Howard Stark and the words “signed confession.”
-Jarvis’ signed confession is a total fake, but he had to come up with something when Peggy didn’t meet him after separating to get Steve’s blood from the Griffith.
-Another ‘Battle of Finow’ reference.
-Dooley’s storyline here is SO SAD. And it doesn’t get any better. ???
-Did you buy into Jarvis’ rescue ploy or were you sure he was full of it from the get-go?
-Jarvis and Peggy see the Russian communicating in Morse code with someone outside the window and Peggy gives her full and true confession.
-Would Peggy have gotten any sort of respect if she had told any of her boyfriends about her investigation earlier?
-Steve’s blood is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. It proves that she is trusting them now, even if she hasn’t trusted them with the truth before.
-And that’s only true because of her emotional attachment to Steve, his memory, and his legacy.
-Dooley, Jack, and Sousa choose to believe Peggy after her confession.
-Peggy’s boyfriends admit to each other that they both believe their queen.
-We spend a little time getting into their heads and figuring out why they both believe she’s telling the truth.
-We interrupt this discussion for some facts about capital punishment in the U.S.
-Back to Peggy talk. Shipping. Much happier topic.
-Dooley finds himself locked into the vest and he sacrifices himself to save all the rest.
-It’s okay if you cried. Maj did, too.
-The last scene shows a movie theater crowd going CRAZY and killing each other after Dottie leaves a bomb emitting some sort of smoke/inhalant behind and locked the doors behind her.
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines
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Listener Feedback:
-We loved last week’s episode, too.
Check out a Sousa doppelganger from the first Avengers movie!
Ariana’s Assumptions:
Agent Carter season 1, episode 8, “Valediction”
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