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Episode #313: ‘Agent Carter’ 2×07 – One Bad Day

May 29, 2019 | Hosted by Danielle, Karen, Kendra, and Brittany

The ReWatchable crew joins hands to help Jarvis through the difficult times in our discussion of Agent Carter season 2, episode 7, “Monsters.”

Superfans: Danielle and Karen
Newbies: Kendra and Brittany

Fun Facts:
Karen and Kristen are going to a geek-easy! Which is exactly what it sounds like, but also Karen has no idea what will happen. We expect an update. Brittany is now caught up on Schitt’s Creek and Fleabag and wants to shut down television because we’ve peaked. Kendra would like to add on that Shrill is also fantastic and TV should live on! Danielle wants to ADD ON EVEN MORE saying that Dead to Me on Netflix is also a reason to keep TV going.

We’re watching and discussing Agent Carter in the timeline that the Russo Brothers confirmed still happened despite the events of Endgame.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 7, “Monsters”
-Red Foreman is not an intimidating man when he goes against the women of the show
-Put Dottie and Whitney in a room — what could possibly happen?
-You can tell Danielle has never watched Avatar
-Female villains don’t have time for your bad day
-Going back to the start — Wilkes’ chamber allows him to kiss Peg. Thoughts?
-How do we feel about Wilkes’ character arc?
-Don’t question bodily functions
-Sousa is all alone and things are not going well
-The dynamic between Sousa and Masters plays very differently in their second interaction
-Sousa doesn’t want to be a hero, but wants to be the best he can
-Peggy and Jarvis have a great relationship and this episode explores another side of it
-Jarvis freeing himself is more impressive than Dottie/Peggy competing to see who can get untied first
-Ana and Wilkes’ scene allows her to get some things off her chest and bond with someone
-Is Anna going to pull through?
-Karen recognizes the doctor from Teen Wolf
-Let’s just hold hands and hope that Anna is okay
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
-Pirate Angel is delivering the best content
-Hot Mess Sousa is hot

Brittany’s Brainstorms and Kendra’s Creeping Suspicions:
Agent Carter season 2, episode 8, “The Edge of Mystery”

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