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Episode #316: ‘Agent Carter’ 2×10 – The End?

June 19, 2019 | Hosted by Natalie, Karen, Nasim, and Ariana

The ReWatchable team has come together for the final episode of Agent Carter season 2, episode 10, “Hollywood Ending.” Is it everything we hoped for?

WARNING: This Agent Carter discussion may contain Endgame spoilers!

Superfans: Natalie and Karen
Newbies: Ariana and Nasim

Fun Facts:
Karen interviewed the Try Guys and she is V E R Y excited about it. Ariana misses American Dreams. We talk about some of our favorite cancelled shows. Nasim is still mad about Sense8. Everyone loves Fleabag. Hannibal literally ended on a cliffhanger.

We’re watching and discussing Agent Carter in the timeline that the Russo Brothers confirmed still happened despite the events of Endgame.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 10, “Hollywood Ending”
-Wait, we have to go back — would Peggy have shot Jack?
-Can we trust Jack?
-What can we define as justifiable murder?
-Howard is back!!
-We talk a little bit about the difference in Howards.
-Is it okay that we like Manfredi?
-Is Whitney more of a villain or an anti-hero?
-How do we feel about Jack taking the lunch orders?
-Has Jack done anything wrong this entire season?
-Do we feel weird about how Howard treats Jarvis?
-Does Jack like like Peggy?
-Does Peggy like him back?
-What would the key have gone to?
-Ariana tells us what could have been in season 3.
-Did Peggy change at all over the course of Agent Carter?
-Was Daniel Sousa trying to be a big damn hero?
-Anna Jarvis is literally perfect.
-Peggy and Wilkes break up and no one is sad.
-Peggy and Jarvis are so British and also best friends.
-Poor Whitney Frost. She deserved more.
-Why would she be envisioning herself back with her husband?
-It’s a shame Peggy didn’t have more female friends.
-Jarvis likes tacos and we can’t blame him.
-Peggy likes Sousa and we also can’t blame her?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
-We talk a little more about Sousa’s love for Peggy.
-Someone writes in about an earlier episode of the show.
-Would we ever do Supernatural on ReWatchable?
-Will we be discussing the new Veronica Mars?

Ariana’s Assumptions, Nasim’s Narrative:
-What could’ve happened in Agent Carter season 3?

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